Hello dear parent or guardian,

Your children are precious. You want to keep them safe. I totally understand this; I have kids of my own, and I’ve been a teacher for over two decades.

I created the Camp Enigma series and write all my books, blog posts, and newsletters with the goal of helping kids learn to be their best selves. I want kids to experience the joy in the world, and at the same time, learn to be strong. The Camp Enigma books are fun and playful reads. The characters struggle with age-appropriate problems in age-appropriate ways. They learn what it means to be friends, to be responsible, and to be themselves.

In my newsletter, I communicate to my fans about my upcoming books, as well as other interesting things in life. I also want to get kids thinking about stories and what they like about them. I hope to expand their reading abilities and get them thinking critically. When I ask my young fans to communicate with me, I will first ask them to get their parent’s or guardian’s permission, and it will be questions like:

  • Who’s your favourite character?
  • What’s your favourite book?
  • What kind of fantasy creature would you turn into?

If ever you ever have any questions or concerns about my books, website, or newsletters, please send me an email at contact@JenniferRoundell.com.

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