Jennifer Roundell

Jennifer Roundell 2021

Jennifer Roundell’s first memories of writing are of her three-year-old self sitting at the sunny kitchen table with her mother, writing long letters to her Nana. In red crayon. Jennifer didn’t know how to read yet, so when she was done, she asked her mother to read her what she’d written.

Jennifer’s mother read Jennifer’s long, elaborate, and extremely insightful letters aloud. Three-year-old Jennifer sat back and listened, full of awe. She’d written all that? She was so amazed and impressed, she was hooked for life.

Jennifer has tried out many different occupations. She’s been a skating coach, a swim instructor, a medical researcher, a high school teacher, and most importantly, a camp counselor. Her favorite, though, is being a writer. She uses a computer instead of a crayon now, and although she still writes letters to her loved ones, she spends most of her writing time composing fantasy stories for the young and the young-at-heart.

In her spare time, Jennifer and her family enjoy camping, hiking, playing board games, gardening, watching shows, and of course, reading books.

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