Kid’s Brioche Hat

I found this pattern on Ravelry, but found the Brioche pattern very difficult. I finally figured it out and rewrote the pattern, explaining the Brioche stitch very carefully for anyone who, like me, has never done the Brioche stitch, or, like me, hasn’t a lot of knitting experience.

Needles: US 3,  16” circular needlesKid's Brioche Hat

Yarn: 2 colours in aran/worsted/medium weight

  • Colour A – a solid colour
  • Colour B – bright and multicolored

Gauge: 17 st x 22 rows = 10 cm x 10 cm / 4 sq in

Sizes: small (medium, large)

  • Small = newborn – 6 months
  • Medium – 6 months –18 months
  • Large – 18 mos – 3 yearspart-way done



k  = knit                     k2tog   = knit 2 together               p = purl                      p2tog = purl 2 together                 Sts   =  stitches          YF   =   yarn forward                   sl  = slip                      YO   =  yarn over                             YATWA  =  yarn all the way around.



  1. Cast on 66 (72, 76) sts in colour A
  2. Slip a stitch marker onto your needle here, and join in round
  3. Knit in garter stitch for 8 (12, 16) rounds (alternate knit and purl rounds) – your stitch marker will tell you when to switch from knit to purl and vice versa. Keep slipping it from one needle to the other as it comes around.

Brioche Pattern:

Round 1: Set up round: *k1, bring yarn to front, sl1, YO,* repeat to end of round, ending with a sl1, YO. Don’t cut your yarn. Just let it hang down behind your work.

Round 2: Switch to colour B. Bring the new yarn between the needles from behind leaving the tail hanging down inside the hat. Then *sl1, (the k1 from the previous round), YATWA (bring the yarn from the front of the work over the top of the needle towards the back, then back under the needle to the front. The yarn goes all the way around the needle in this YO so Sarah Henkelmann calls this a YATWA – yarn all the way around), p2tog(one of which is a yarn over from the previous round, the other the sl1 from the previous round).* Repeat from * to * to the end of the round.

NOTE: When you get to the end of this round, you will slip one, then YO. Just leave the yarn hanging over the back of the work.

ALSO NOTE: The new stitches will sorta clump together in groups of threes: a purl of colour B, a YO of colour B, and a knit of colour A.

ALSO ALSO NOTE: When you “slip one” on a colour B round, it is ALWAYS a knit (not a YO) of the opposite colour.

Round 3: Switch back to colour A. You are going to pick up where you left off in the last colour-A round as though you didn’t even do that colour-B round. *YF (yarn forward – bring yarn to front of worn under the needles), sl1 (a colour-A purl from round 2), k2tog (one of these first two is a sl1 from the previous round, also in colour A, and the other is a YO in colour B from the previous round). Repeat to end of round.

NOTE: When you get to the end of the round, you will need to k2tog. It will probably look like you have only one stitch left. Remember, one of the last two stitches is a YO from the previous round. If this stitch is missing, just re-YO the colour-B yarn (flip it  over the needle), and do your k2tog.

ALSO NOTE: The new stitches from this round will also sorta clump together in groups of threes: A knit of colour A, a YO of colour A, and a purl of colour B.

ALSO ALSO NOTE: When you “slip one” on a colour-A round, it is ALWAYS a knit (not a YO) of the opposite colour.


Continue repeating rounds 2 and 3 for 15 (17, 19) pairs of “A & B” rounds. You will be able to count the stitches in each of the columns to get the number of “A & B”s you did. For the size small hat, you will count 15 stitches per column. Or, knit rounds 2 and 3 until this brioche section of the hat is about 2¾ (3 ,3½) inches.


Colour A rounds: * YF, sl1, k2tog, * repeat to end of round. End with k2tog.

Colour B rounds: *P2tog, sl1, YATWA* repeat to end of round. End with sl1, YO.

If you put your work down and can’t remember which colour is next, just look back at the previous stitches. The colour you just did will be the predominant colour.

There is an awesome video that shows how to do this Brioche pattern, step by step, quite nicely.


Top of Hat:

  1. End the Brioche pattern on a Colour-A round.
  2. Knit a colour-B round in colour-A.
  3. Knit in garter stitch for 7 (9, 9) rounds. Start with a purl round.

Whether using dpns or circular needles, switch to 2 needles parallel to each other. Put the first half of the stitches (from needles 1 and 2 if using dpns or from marker to halfway around if using circular needles) onto one needle, and the rest on the other.

Then put all stitches onto one needle. Take one stitch from one needle, then one from the other needle, and so on.

Bind as follows: *k2tog (loosely!), k2tog (loosely!), pass the second stitch through the first stitch* repeat to end of row. Cut the yarn after the last stitch, leaving a 2 or 3 inch tail. Pass the tail through the last stitch. Tie off or sew it into the hat. Weave in all ends. If you can do this neatly, the hat will be reversible. Block if desired.